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Undercover Agents

We have highly skilled and experienced Agents that have been involved in various undercover projects and operations. They have all been trained in the operations where SAPS 252(A) authorization is required, meaning that they know how to comply with Legislation regarding undercover operations, as stipulated by the Department of Public Prosecutions.
These agents have been involved with this kind of Intelligence Gathering for extensive periods, some being involved in these operations since 1993. These agents will be strategically deployed in the Corporate Environment to gather intelligence, or will infiltrate Crime Syndicates and be involved in their daily activities, to gather intelligence. This will make it possible to uncover theft and shrinkage in the Corporate environment enable us to strategically, formulate a plan to stop these activities, according to each individual client’s needs.

Covert Intelligence Gathering

This will be where technology is utilized to gather Intelligence, mainly by using Covert Camera systems, Body Cameras and the utilizing of Computer and Internet based Intelligence Gathering on either Individuals or Syndicates involved in crime. Targets will also be put under Physical Covert Surveillance to establish their activities, and Modus Operandi.

Electronic Intelligence

This will entail the gathering of electronic driven intelligence being Bank Related Information, Cell Phone Information and other electronic related intelligence as per requirement of clients.

Forensic Investigations

Our Director has 12 years SAPS investigations experience and 13 years experience in the Private sector, regarding Investigations. We also have ex SAPS members employed by us, all with extensive investigations experience. We investigate the cases, and then assist the courts with the prosecution phase, to make sure the cases will have a successful outcome. We were the driving force behind the biggest and most successful project and investigation in the History of De Beers and SAPS regarding Illicit Diamond trading, being Project Darling in the Northern Cape, Free State, Gauteng and Cape. Ad Hoc we also had a 95% success rate when it came to prosecution of Criminal cases to date.

Surveillance Systems

We install CCTV as well as Covert Camera systems, and utilize state of the art systems, with some of the best trained Technicians, not only to do instillations, but also making sure our service after instillations is up to standard.

Pre Employment screening and Background checks

We assist employers to make sure, the information received by them, by applicants for employment, is correct and factual. We also do extensive background checks to make sure before you employ somebody or do business with somebody, that this individual is trustworthy, not only financially, but in all aspects.

V.I.P. Protection

Intersec has some of the most skilled and experienced V.I.P. Close protection officers in the Industry. They have all been involved in Close Protection for numerous years and are dedicated and highly trained and motivated.

We thank you for taking the time to peruse our profile, and assure you of the best Professional and most loyal service, should you choose to make use of our services, we will discuss a pricing structure, to suit your needs on consultation.